Milex Flexible Gellhorn Pessary Long Stem


When treating a pelvic organ prolapse, pessaries are considered as a non-invasive solution to the problem and offers the patient an improved quality of life without a surgical intervetion.

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Brand: Milex™

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Milex™ Pessary

Long stemmed gellhorn pessary by Milex is recommended for use in women with severe 3rd or 4th degree prolapse and procedentia.

The long stem allows for easy insertion and removal.

The Milex gellhorn pessary is flexible enough to fold for easy insertion yet strong enough to support the pelvic organ prolapse and the internal organs. It has has drainage holes for hygiene.

We offer complete customer care support and advice regarding incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse issues.

Material: 100% medical grade silicone.
Sizing   :  Measured using out side diameter

Insertion of the gellhorn pessary, ensusre the flat end disc is facing upwards supporting the cervix and the stem pointing down toward the entrance of the vagina.

Gellhorn flexible pessaries are available in Canada on Prescription.

Gellhorn Flexible Pessary Long Stem - MXKPGE

Size in inchesmm
1 1/2"38
1 3/4"44
2 1/4"57
2 1/2"64
2 3/4"70
3 1/4"83
3 1/2"89
3 3/4"95

Note: Shaded areas show the minimum assortment necessary to fit approximately 85% of patients.

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